At Interstate, our expertise is in matching talented candidates with top tier Life Science companies. By partnering with Interstate, you can expect a dedication to your success. We listen and take the time to learn what you are interested in and what motivates you to potentially make a change. We walk through what would be the next best step for you and what your career trajectory should look like. We want to hear what you want, not what we need.

We are adept at presenting opportunities that may not be advertised through traditional avenues or online postings. In many cases, these companies quietly conduct a more subtle search through the use of a specialized search firm, such as Interstate. By working with the professionals at Interstate and utilizing the connections we have with our clients, you will gain greater visibility and have access to opportunities that could otherwise be missed.

Talk to us – we will help you navigate the hiring process and prepare you to have the best interview possible. Interstate has spent thirty years guiding countless professionals toward their next significant career achievement.